Manifesting – A New Normal

We are truly our thoughts.  If we understand and accept this truth as reality, it becomes easier to begin living our dreams.  The challenge we face when exploring this concept is to bring awareness to the fact that we are the only obstacle preventing ourselves from finding true joy.  Certainly life is full of hardships, however, it is how we rise up to meet them that determines our level of happiness.  By loving ourselves, accepting who we really are and reminding ourselves in every moment that we are worthy of our deepest desires, we can reshape our lives.

Self-love requires acceptance, tolerance and compassion.  Unfortunately, our ego often compares us to others, entertaining a pattern of negative self-talk.  Through these thoughts, we often tell ourselves that we are not attractive enough or intelligent enough, or just not enough.  For example, have you ever asked someone else how you look in an outfit?  Or, what they though of something you made?  Perhaps seeked out praise for a job you felt insecure about?  Most of us have.  We don’t actually expect a truthful answer.  We are looking for some sort of reassurance.  We want acceptance and support for feeling inferior in some way.

Some people refer to this as living from ego.  It means that we are caught up in a pattern of judgment that finds flaws and faults in others in order to feel better about ourselves.  The problem is that the positive emotion generated from this negative pattern is very short lived, so we then need to repeat the process over and over again.  If you examine your self-talk for just one day, you will most likely notice how you are judging others.  Some common examples happen when interacting with our partners – they have forgotten something important to you; driving – someone cuts you off, therefore they are a jerk; at work – a co-worker misses a deadline and that creates a problem for you.  Almost every interaction with someone else can end with a sigh and disappointment if we set expectations for others.  But, most people really aren’t out to get you.  They don’t wake up in the morning and think, “ how can I let down or anger you”.  They are just living their own lives with their own thoughts, worries and insecurities.  If we are honest with ourselves, we all do the very things that we judge others for.

What if we could stop these negative self-talk patterns?  Could we then stop trying to be better than everyone else and just focus on being our best self?  By centering our thoughts on the positive in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt, we would allow ourselves to stay in a much more positive frame of mind.  The ability to manifest our thoughts begins in a joyful mind.  If we are happy and accepting of ourselves and others, we free up so much time to think about what we really want.  The law of attraction teaches us that what we focus on, or even just think about regularly becomes our reality.  This is the theory behind vision boards and the power of our thoughts to manifest.

Children do this all the time.  Can you remember dreaming about what you wanted as a child?  A child focuses all of their attention on what they want.  They are more accepting and open to others.  They are less judgmental.  They believe in miracles.  They wish on shooting stars and birthday candles.  They envision themselves with the object of their desire.  If a child wants a new bike for their birthday, everyone will know about it.  The details will be very clear.  They will talk about the brand, the colour and where to buy it.  They will be able to envision receiving it, riding it and enjoying it.  The feelings of joy for this new possession will begin before they receive it.

Young adults often maintain this ability.  Can you remember the invincible feelings at this stage in your life?  Many of us felt like we could do anything, be anyone we wanted to be.  We felt as though the world was ours to discover and anything was possible.  But as adults, we became jaded.  We began to believe that we were somehow unworthy of miracles. The miraculous manifestation of our deepest desires was no longer possible.  The gifts from childhood seem to be a thing of the past.

Every day we wake up is the true gift.  If we are grateful for the expression of life and joyful for the opportunities we do have, we can create a new normal in our lives.  One where we attract positivity through kindness and compassion.  Instead of focusing on negativity, choose to notice and appreciate all of the supportive things the people in your life do. The theory of relativity teaches us that for every action there is an equal reaction.  Therefore, whatever energy we put out into the world, we attract the same back to us.

Test this theory out in your own life.  Who do you know that is truly happy?  Not a front. Not rich. Not perfect.  But, truly joyful, kind and generous.  Do good things seem to come easily to this person?  Do you notice how lucky they seem to be?  Now think of someone who is the opposite.  They never seem happy.  They are always complaining about what is wrong in their lives.  They never talk about their blessings and they seem to feel the world is against them.  Notice what these two people are doing differently.  Their thoughts, words and actions have manifested into the lives they have focused on.

The pattern is clear and it is a choice.  We all face challenges in our lives with our health, financial security and relationships, however, we all have blessings also.  Be grateful for them.  Appreciate each and every one of them.  Change the self-talk in your mind to a positive conversation by catching the negative banter your ego’s self defense initiates to finding the good in every situation.  Sometimes the good may be to just send love and let go without judgment.  Shift your thoughts to all of the amazing, positive opportunities you want to have in your life.  Think about how you will feel living your dreams.  Be detailed about what you want, just as the child that wished for the bike and you might find that anything is still possible.
Nancy Morency

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