Mediation is perhaps one of the most impactful tools everyone can use to regain peace and balance in their lives.  It is very easy to do and there is no wrong way to do it.  By definition, the act of meditating is synonymous with: contemplation, thinking, consideration and reflection.  There are many types of meditation practices available, but the principle is always the same.  The idea is to quiet the mind so that you can simply be in a state of complete relaxation.  Thoughts may come into your mind, but you are the observer of the thoughts as opposed to the creator of them.  This is an opportunity to connect with our higher self or our soul.  It acts as a reminder that we are all spiritual beings temporarily existing in a human body.  Meditation allows us to disconnect from the weight of our physical existence and reconnect with the power of who we really are.

It can all seem so new age or strange at first, but the thought process is really not all that different to what traditional religions believe.  There is a higher power, the source of all life.  Meditation is a form of prayer that allows us to feel connected to this power or divine entity that lives within each of us.

Making time for daily meditation can bring a sense of strength and assurance to you that can help you deal with your challenges.  Many people credit their regular meditation practice for their health, vitality and abundance.



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Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey offer a
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There are thousands of free guided meditation available on-line.
Browse through them and to see if one resonates with you.